Directors Message

Welcome, and thanks for visiting our site!  Since being hired in 2012 my goal has been to positively motivate telecommunicators to continue providing the highest level of service to the public, and  all of Crawford Counties Emergency Services.  In addition to this, all of us have been tasked with taking on new responsibilities.  Since our inception in 1997 our agencies workload has grown and we provide dispatch services for every public safety agency in Crawford County.

Through personnel restructuring I’ve been able to task our supervisors to oversee day to day communication center operations. This will better position our department as we move into the future.  I am very proud of this agency, our outstanding staff and our progress thus far, and I know there are great things to come.

Scott M. Cason,
Executive Director

Welcome to our website!

Crawford County E-911 Communications (CENCOM) serves as the public safety answering point (PSAP) for all of Crawford County Missouri, serving over 24,637 citizens.  Our team of trained telecommunicators provide a variety of radio and telephone communications for all of Crawford County Emergency Agencies.  Please feel free to browse our website and once again, Thank you for visiting us!